Every dog deserves the love and attention they provide us on a daily basis, that’s why ALL OF OUR WALKS ARE PRIVATE. No group walks or huddled masses of dogs running around the park. Your dog will get the individual attention and exercise they need.

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15-Minute Walk

It’s hard to stay cooked up inside all day. Sometimes, you just need to stretch your legs to burn off some energy. Your dog could use the same! If you can’t get out of work or just aren’t sure you have the time consistently to give them that midday stretch, this is the walk for you!

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30-Minute Walk

Sometimes a brisk walk just isn’t enough. These walks are not just about stretching their legs, but allowing your dog to have fun. Whether we head to a nearby park, meet up with some friends, or just explore the neighborhood, this option will be sure to give your dog the exercise it needs.


1-Hour Walk

We know not all dogs are built the same, that’s why we make sure that not all of their walks have to be the same. For dogs that like longer walks or need to burn off a little more energy, we offer this scenic walk through the park to ensure they stay active throughout the week.